Start an Ozone Business

Start an Ozone BusinessIf you have gone blurry-eyed trying to research the ozone business, let me explain it in a few basic words.  You buy an ozone generator (hopefully, the right one), vigorously promote your service, do the job; then go looking for the next piece of business.  Many have found that they can make money as an odor removal service using ozone.  But, there is a ceiling on what you can make, and that is how much a one or two-man service can do in 24 hours and a seven day week.  Practically, a six figure income is possible, but rare.  We felt that six figure incomes should not be that difficult.

We have developed the only ozone business without limits on your income or the requirement to work 60 hour weeks marketing, estimating, and chasing jobs.  We are changing the paradigm of the ozone business.  You won't need employees (hiring, scheduling, and payroll).  You don't need trucks, standing equipment, and a dedicated scheduling person.  You only need to learn to how to set up our proven FreshAir Treatment system with highly-receptive commercial accounts.

Previously, odor removal and sanitizing services required large ozone generators and a knowledge of how to treat multiple needs.  We have divided the types of services to a Three-Step Process that can be easily followed using our 100% proprietary system.  Our program is NO FOUND on the Internet and only available to our Regional Managers.  We have everything needed in one kit, and we even offer online training so that the company workers can use our system to do the work.  Your job is no longer the person who does the work, but the account manager that makes sure everything is working as promised.

Our three step process is 100% environmentally-safe, and goof-proof.  The ozone generator is not just an ozone generator.  It is a more effective dual action system that uses ozone and a photocatalytic process to solve odor and sanitizing problems.  That is Step #1.  Steps #2 and #3 will include a variation of antimicrobial, essential oil, or treatment that cannot be found through another source.  This protects your accounts who might seek to "Go Direct" if they knew what you offered and it could be found on the Internet.

Growth Potential and Your Future Success

The Ozone BusinessThe secret to real wealth is the ability to use a multiplier!  You can work less and make more if you can replicate your efforts.  This can be done by hiring a staff, but I really hate the hiring, management, scheduling, and firing of workers.  So, I found it was better to build a SYSTEM that could be placed into the hands of the workers of the company.  So, these companies literally pay and manage the worker, and I get a constant income from each and every account.

We have identified our very best markets, and designed a FreshAir Treatment system for each one.  It comes in a kit with extremely effective items.  So, the program is always an A, B, C method that anyone can follow.  Though highly-effective, it is also goof-proof.  So, your job is keeping current accounts happy, and adding new accounts (and income) each month.

Because the kit must be replenished each month, the account will rely on you to keep supplies on on hand, employees instructed, and to step in if the problem is too difficult for them.  You are therefore an important part of the program.  We also know that equipment will age and fail, so the monthly fee includes a 100% replacement process at no further charge.

A Complete Solution for Start-up Businesses

Because we will protect your territory, we seek the most committed type of business people who will maximize the program.  In fact, Regional Managers will be able to set up agencies in other areas under their direct control.  But, to be very clear; this is less about running an ozone business than it is about building commercial accounts that pay you month after month regardless of hour many hour you work.  All you need to do is be the pleasant support person who visits the accounts once a month.  So, needless to say, you need a great personality and willingness to work with people. 

Start an Ozone BusinessSo, rather than a splashy, over-the-top promotional site; we decided that we would rather hear from those who "Get It" by the basic ideas we have laid out on this website.  We have worked with literally, hundreds of traditional ozone services.  We know what it takes to run a "Service Business", and we have reconfigured the process.  We shifted the critical factor from "Doing All the Work" to helping others "Do the Work" and making it very affordable.

We have very specific target markets that we already know will enthusiastically opt for this system, and the kits are tailor-made for these industries.  You know exactly who you are after and what you will say.  The rest is literally all about getting out of the office and reaching out to these key businesses.  Offer to demo the system free-of-charge, and the system literally sells itself.  

Pricing is easy.  For about the cost of bringing you out to do two or three jobs, they could have this service for all their needs.  The economics are obvious and affordable.  But, for you, the accounts grow month by month to $10,000 and $20,000 monthly income with no limit on how much you can earn.  In fact, if you add an agency in another town, the money becomes stunning.

Could this be You?

There is no large "Buy-In" and no week-long training school.  We require a Positive Personality who already know how to be successful.  We have the tools and the platform for someone who understands the nature of building a wildly successful business.  We are happy to discuss the details of this with those who see themselves as a success even before they enter the room.  If this describes you, it's time to make a call.