Ozone Business Education

Ozone Services#1 - A Professional Education

Getting off to a good start means mastering the subject and the many applications you may encounter.  While some buy an ozone generator, and start off with little more than what they scrape from the Internet ... that is a mistake.  We are not here to sell ozone generators and cut you adrift.  So, our program start with the Certified Ozone Technician course that give you the facts you need to know as you step into a whole new endeavor.  We know that you will encounter a variety of issues when you get jobs, so your education needs to allow you to grow at your own speed.  So, we have SIX COURSE you will get with this program.  You can start as soon as you get your Certified Ozone Technician certificate, and you can take the rest as you go.  This is a $495 value.

1- Certified Ozone Technician  (Do this your First, if possible)  This course provides the best information for those providing an ozone-type service.  We cover all the most important information, plus an introduction to the basics for the ozone business.   Price $199 including membership in the National Ozone Association.
2- Fresh Air Expert (IAQ)      Indoor Air Quality is an associated factor you can expect to encounter in the remediation service business.  The professionals need to know more about gases, particles, and allergens that impact the lives of those we serve.  This course is tremendous for those dealing with odor and other air-related issues.   Price $75
3- Deep Cleaning Specialist    Whether you get hands on, or bring in cleaning teams; you will eventually run into situation where cleaning is part of the solution.  Why avoid the issue?  Be knowledgable about the basic of remediation and cleanup services.  Price $75
4- Allergy Abatement Specialist   Every remediation service will encounter the compounding problem of allergies, chemical sensitivities, and health-compromised customers.  This raises the level of service that will be needed, and it requires that we know the ability and limits of what we can provide.  In this course, you will learn the additional services that you may wish to provide. Price $75
5- Infection Control Specialist      While ozone is one of the best sanitizers in the world, what you don't know about infection control can close or open new doors of opportunity.  Rather than wait until you run into an infection control problem, learn how you can be the solution to these seasonal problems.   Price $75

6- Advanced Odor Mitigation       Those who believe that ozone is the singular tool for odor treatment are in for their share of disappointments.  In the Advanced Odor Mitigation, we what the remediation service providers to know the limits, options, and additional tools they will need to address when they run into embedded and hard-to-remove odors.   Price $75

Get all Six ERS Courses & NOAI Membership for just $395

Select one or more courses.  Courses are 100% online and ready for you as soon as payment is confirmed.


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Environmental Remediation Services#2 - Professional Credentials

These courses are more than information.  They are evidence of a professional commitment that shows you offer more than amatuer services.  Each course is accompanied by a parchment certificate that proves your ability to deal with various remediation problems.  

As a member of the National Ozone Association, you have more than training.  NOAI offers a support system that is always there to back you up.  If you have a challenge for which you need guidance.  We represent more than 400 professional members who can be called on to share their years of insight and experience with other members.

In addition, the National Ozone Association is a kind of business incubator.  We know that this business can develop in different ways and reach unique target markets.  As a NOAI member, you have the kind of quidance that help you avoid mistakes and improve the percentages for a successful business.

Get all six of out Environmental Remediation Service courses for just $395, or consider a business package that provides the training, equipment, supplies, and support to make your business happen in just 90 days.