Our Business Successes

The Ozone Business Works for MeOur team of professionals have already proven these ideas work for a service business.  They have built businesses that are making great money for them.  Along the way, we have learned what markets respond and what they want.  We have pioneered this new project with those who watched as the new program took over and changed their lives.  They enthusiastically report that their income is increasing without increasing their work load.

"Once you see how effectively this system can be presented to receptive businesses, it makes sense to build on something that pays more and takes less work."  Aaron was a successful ozone business in the Chicago area, and now spend more and more of his energy with the account management for the OMG treatment program.

The Ozone BusinessStephen Monk ran a janitorial business in Los Angeles.  Long hours, narrow profits, and the headaches of that business led him as look for a better way to operate a service business.  Steven found out about the odor removal and sanitizing business with OMG and discovered that he could multiply his income and lighten his workload in just a few months.  Steven is a dedicated and enthusiastic man who never misses a chance to talk about his business.  

Steven's advice is very simple.  "If you are enthusiastic about what OMG can do, you will get plenty of business.  But, working smart is better than working hard."  

Start an Ozone BusinessKurt and his son Damien start from scratch with just a ULV fogger.  It was a business with great potential, and it did take time to promote and service the customers.  The haunting question was whether a good idea could be better. 

The answer became evident as Kurt found that he could offer the OMG System to customers who could do the work, and he got a check each month for managing the accounts in his area.  In fact, the easy explanation of cost savings to the business made conversion of sometime job to monthly paychecks very easy.

There are more than 40 OMG members already operating an odor business, a mold remediation service, a biohazard business, and cleaning services.  Some are working with car lots.  Others are doing high-end jobs with boat yards and yachts.  Others go after hotels, motels, and apartment complexes to clear away odors from former tenants.  Real estate people use ozone instead of fragrances to remove odors instead of masking them.  There are dozens of great markets, and that is yet another value that OMG members enjoy.  

We know where you need to spend your time for maximum effect.  Because so many of our members are doing this every day, we can pass the best information to you.

Finally, the OMG works!  And, it works every time.  You will grow in this business as you realize just how much the OMG treatment can do.  I