We Found the Next Generation Ozone Business

The Ozone Business#1 - More Power - It might even be a Super Power

Ozone is an oxidiziong gas.  OMG means Odors, Mold, and Germs.  Our spray system make direct contact with all threats.  We do in one hour what it takes 4-12 hours with ozone to do.

#2 - The Best Equipment

We have included amazing application equipment.  Our battery powered backpacks allow one person to treat an average home in about an hour.  We treat every square inch, but we can also treat large facilities with ease.  Ozone can't match this kind of power.

Every ozone machine needs maintenance, but our equipment needs only a weekly cleaning.  Out high-tech equipment is truly impressive, and our customers are super impressed.

#3 - Experience and Marketing Plan

You are not on your own to build a business from scratch.  We have a full-blown marketing program that includes training, marketing materials, website, business cards, and you will be a part of a national network with a very large footprint.  Success with OMG is greatly improved because we have a superior and proven program..

#4 - Real Support and Marketing

As a member of our network, we stick with you through the most important first year of your business.  In fect, we want you profitable in 90 days or less.  We will provide marketing materials, coaching, and guidance that you will need.  We include your first gallon of a superior antimicrobial treatment that is perfect after the ozone is done.  This set you apart from any other service because this proprietary product is not available to the public, but gives up to 90 days of germ inhibiting protection.  

Start an Odor Removal BusinessOzone was Yesterday, OMG Sanitized is Cutting Edge

Many of our best people were ozone guys.  Ozone was good, but a liquid oxidizing system was better in many ways.  Think about it, liquid is more dense than gas.  Ozone supplies extra oxygen to oxides the threat.  Our liquid spray delivers a hundreds times the extra oxygen to the problem than ozone.  So, compare steam with water.  They are both H2O, but which is get you wet faster?  A liquid delivery system gets more power to the problem.

So, OMG is faster and more effective.  We don't need to buy multiople machines or worry about maintenance issues.  We can do small jobs easily, but we can sanitize a large school building with just two men in an evening.  What few know at the beginning is how many more markets we can reach because the system is versatile.

My advise is simple, "Do it Right, or Don't do it all All".  Every business startup has a ton of unseen challenges,
and it takes time to break through to the kind of profits we all hope to achieve as a vital service business.

  1. Learn from th Pros, not from YouTube or Google.  Remediation services are more than knowing how to turn on an ozone generator.  And, most ozone generators on the Internet are not professional machines ... not matter how much they brag.
  2. Join the OMG Network and take the IAQ Technician course.
  3. Get a powerful website that has powerful SEO connections.
  4. Get the amazing OMG Electrostatic Sprayer backpack that runs for hours in battery.  No wires to drag.
  5. We supply the most powerful marketing program you have ever seen.
  6. Attend an annual event where you will connect with our members and learn how to grow a hugely profitable business.

If this is a serious commitment, failure is not an option.  No business endeavor comes with a guarantee, but you can greatly improve your odds by bringing your best effort to the project.  With so much on the line, it is no time to experiment or figure it out as you go.  The National Ozone Association has been the "Business Incubation" facility for hundreds of ozone-type business, and they bring a world of experience to their members.

Just know the best markets to approach, and how to approach them, is incredibly important.  With the clock ticking, money spent, and everything on the line; your first 90 days can make or break the real success of your business.  

Better Equipment & Better Result

Start a BusinessThis changes everything.  Could this system do the job of four ozone generators?  Could this powertool cut the time of a full treatment from four hours to just one hour?  

Yes, it can!  The OMG backpack impresses the customer, and it has the ability to coat every square inch of the building ... including the hard to reach spots.  It is compact, durable, and makes the job easy.

If you are still stuck on ozone, ask yourself a tough question.  After working to get a stedy flow of business, could your customers buy an ozone generator from the Internet and blow you off?

Our system is proprietary.  It is provided to professionals only, and we have distribution control so your hrd work is protected.  

The versatility of our system means near unlimited growth potential.  The OMG system has more application that ozone can match.  

To be honest, you will not master these markets in a few weeks; but they are opportunities you will find the longer you grow your business.  We not only know about these markets and the best entry points.  We have the additional training that will allow you to step up as a trained professional to pull in huge contracts that will turn you from

Want to know more?  Just call Mark Tipton at (815) 272-1653 and learn more in 15 minutes than you will find on the Internet. Or email Mark from the Contact Page.